The official 2015 School Supplies list is HERE!

It's hard to believe, since school is almost at an end, but it's time to start stocking up for the 2015 School Supplies season! We expect to serve between 2,600 - 2,800 K-12 students this year, which will require literally over 100,000 unique items to distribute.

You can directly support this program by purchasing some of the many items needed for a successful school year. Thank you for your support!

$10 gift cards requested to support to new School Supplies effort


This summer, ADFAC's School Supplies program will explore a new effort to reduce waste and promote personal responsibility.

This pilot program will take place at Oak Ridge High School, where eligible students will be able to choose between using their existing backpack or getting a new one.  Those who choose to use their current backback will be able to pick a $10 gift card as a reward for being responsible for their belongings and not being wasteful.

As you shop and dine around Oak Ridge, please consider picking up one or two $10 gift cards to help in this endeavor.  Shops and restaurants close to the high school are preferable, such as:

Gift cards can be mailed to ADFAC, PO Box 5953, Oak Ridge, TN  37831 or dropped off at our Social Services office at 1051 Oak Ridge Turnpike.  Thank you for your support, and if you have any questions, please contact Liz Herbes at 483-6028 or